Coral Cove Beach Resort and Spa - Little Bay,, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Wedding Testimonials

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The Testimonial below is not associated with the above image.We want to give you a visual of a perfect wedding in Paradise.


Wedding and Five Year Anniversary
“We found Coral Cove online when we got married 5 years ago. Steve was a delight to work with from the very start The staff was warm, welcoming, pleasant, caring and just very gracious to us. We were treated as part of the family. There was no requests that were not met. We enjoyed every minute of our stay at Coral Cove. For our anniversary two weeks ago, nothing has changed. We loved everything about the place and the people. The food was excellent and this time we had our 3 year old daughter with us who has a milk allergy. The staff cared for her and her diet restrictions just as we would ourselves. We cannot express our gratitude and appreciation. Thanks to Richie, Keasha, Maxine, Sean, Donald, Yeng just to name a few, for a very enjoyable stay at Coral Cove. We will treasure those memories always!”
Love, Rickie, Heather and Olivia Yonkers, NY

Wedding and Honeymoon beyond expectations, in many different ways….
“I found Coral Cove online about a year ago when I got engaged, and having never been to Jamaica, a significant majority of my decision-making was based on Trip Advisor reviews. Therefore I promised myself that once I returned from the trip I would write an honest, no-holds barred review of the resort, Jamaica itself, and our wedding.

I was in no way prepared for what the experience was like. Sure, you can read the reviews online but the experience upon arrival was what made it a 5-star rating for us. Now, Coral Cove is not a Sandals or a Beaches or a Secrets….there are significant differences, but by the first night we realized that for what we wanted in a wedding, Coral Cove had them all beat.

My husband and I did not have guests or a wedding party, so it was truly just the two of us. I know most other weddings include a lot of people there, and many fill all the rooms at the resort, so I was a bit nervous how we would be treated with “just” us. I should never have worried! Rouchelle and Maxine were amazing hostesses from the beginning, and we never felt out of place or “weird” for having such a small wedding.

I will echo others sentiments and say that the ride from Montego Bay airport is long a bumpy, and it was pouring rain that afternoon….so upon arrival at Coral Cove we were a little nervous about what we would encounter. Maxine was there to meet us and checked us in warmly, showing us up to our first room, The Doctor Bird. I will say that that room is not the best room unless you are young and in great shape, as it is up several flights of winding stairs. Maxine offered to move us and we were grateful to spend all but the first night in the Dolphin room. The view was amazing and the open air shower reminded me how different this resort was from “the norm”.

The people were truly what made this experience even more magical. Donald was an amazing bartender and is a down to earth and awesome guy. We spent a lot of time with him, walking around the town of Little Bay, hanging out at the bar learning about his life, and on the last night of our stay he came up with a special location for us to have our dinner, since the normal water-side beach location wasn’t possible due to wind. Georgie was also a fabulous person to get to know- there were a few nights we stayed up late to listen to his stories of fishing and his life in Little Bay. My husband desparately wanted to go fishing, but it was too windy/rough. Georgie offered to take him out on his boat the last morning we were there, just to help pull up his fish traps, so my H could get a chance to go out on a boat! He said it was the highlight of his trip, besides the wedding.

So speaking of the wedding….it was exactly what we both wanted, down to the letter. We spent the morning together, and then I went to get a pedicure and makeup and hair done with Hope while he hung out with the staff and some new friends we’d met while we were there. It rained a bit, but true to Jamaican form, it stopped in time for us to get married and get photos taken. The ceremony went off without a hitch, and we were thrilled when later that night Michael, who is the electrican/DJ for the resort but also a great musician, did an impromptu beach concert/party with all the guests in attendance. We sand and danced and drank lots of rum- who could ask for more?

We went on two excursions with Ritchie, both of which were awesome. He took us to Negril one day and we went shopping, to the beach, Rick’s Cafe, etc. It was great although I was happy to get back to Coral Cove! We also went over to YS Falls and the Appleton Rum estates one day which was a long drive but definitely worth it!

All in all, I would without hesitation recommend Coral Cove- with a few caveats. If you are looking for ice-cold air conditioning, white Sandy beaches, and a plethora of restaurants, I’d move on down to Negril and the cookie cutter resorts there. If you are looking for a quiet, intimate, personal experience with authentic people and food where you feel like you are the only person on earth, book Coral Cove and arrive ready for an unforgettable time.”
Laura Z. Albuquerque NM

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Life Changing….
We just got home from Coral Cove and had our wedding on May 19th. We enjoyed every moment from meeting the staff to the food and everything in between. The staff make you feel like family and take the best care of our every needs. It is very quaint and full of culture! Our room always had fresh flowers and the bar was always stocked! They made our wedding dreams come true!!! We def plan on coming back within the next 5 years!!!!!!”
Ashley H. Champaign, Ill

Better and better. . .
“This was the best trip to CC we have ever had, maybe even topping our marriage in ’08! Every single member of the staff touched us in such a profound way, always waving, always smiling, always eager to help make any aspect of our trip that much more perfect! We always feel so rejuvenated in our soul after a visit to Coral Cove! This trip was no exception.There are many improvements to the property that have greatly improved the overall aesthetic, like the masonry around “the cliffs” as well the garden beds around the property.

And, the gardens themselves have been carefully tended by people like Cynthia and many others. Everyday ‘Sarge’ rakes the beaches and all the sandy areas until they are free from debris that has washed up in the night. Every morning coffee is waiting on you, and soon after a buffet style breakfast is set up. It always had something that was true Jamaican and also many other items, plus eggs always made to order. Lunch was done in this fashion too with the buffet, which to be honest we thought we would not like but after experiencing it(the buffet) we loved it.Sean is a great cook!!The food was still as awesome as it has ever been, but now you could go and get seconds, thirds, etc.

And dinner has always been fantastic but you can definately notice the artistic flair that the new chef has added. David is an up and coming chef, and his skill shows! Elaine, the Clayton sisters, Ivette, Saskia, Poochie, and more, they all work so hard in the kitchen and in housekeeping to make everything so grand! Donald is a top shelf human and a fantastic barkeep, a great and honorable man, and his nephew Yeng has always been so good to us. Of course Ritchie is so kind and has always made me feel like we are true friends.

We also appreciate the hard work of the office staff, a personal thanks to Maxine, Rouchelle, and Terri for being so helpful! We also witnessed a wedding there and it was so magical that it made me shed a tear remembering my magical day four years ago, especially when I shook the hand of the minister that married us back then! So would we go back? Yes!!! We will go there as often as we can for as long as we can. And if life permits, you too should get lost in the magic of Coral Cove in Little Bay Jamaica and find yourself! My original review of this place from our wedding in 2008 is titled, “Life Lessons. . .” give it a read.
Thank you CC!!!”
Thomas and Katelyn, Hobbs NM