Coral Cove Beach Resort and Spa - Little Bay,, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Weddings at Coral Cove FAQ

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1. Why choose Coral Cove for our Destination Wedding?

It's stress free! Weddings are our specialty; we are able to handle all of the details for you.

Pick your colors, add in your special requests, and we take care of the rest. The wedding team as well as the entire staff is dedicated towards making sure your wedding day experience exceeds your expectations.

2. How far in advance should I book and start to plan my Destination Wedding?

As soon as you have decided on the date you would like to have your wedding then that would be a great time to make your reservations. We recommend making your reservations at your earliest convenience so as to secure the dates you want as well as the accommodations. Making your reservations ASAP works well especially if you have specific dates that you are working with. This allows you more time to develop your guest list, as well as it provides your guests with plenty of advance notice to properly schedule their time off to be able to join in on the festivities. For couples that are looking at elopement as an option or for couples being joined by a few family members or friends, arrangements can be within a few days out depending upon availability.

3. What documents are required?

Unlike many countries Jamaica does not require a blood test. You will need A Passport, this will also meet the requirement for your photo ID Parents written consent if under the age of 18 years Certified copy of birth certificate that includes fathers name Proof of divorce if applicable Certified copy of death certificate for widow or widower

4. Can we bring our own Minister

Only a marriage officer or Minister licensed in Jamaica can legally marry a couple. An officiate of your choice may conduct the ceremony, but a local marriage officer must be present to sign the marriage form and make the official marriage pronouncement.

5. Is the marriage legally recognized outside of Jamaica?

Absolutely, Jamaica is one of the top destinations in the world for destination weddings and are legally recognized globally

6. Does Coral Cove offer set wedding packages?

We do offer our “Tropical Wedding Package” this package includes everything necessary for a couple to have a beautiful wedding at a very affordable cost. The package price is dependent on the number of nights stayed at Coral Cove. However you can add any elements you wish to have a customized wedding package. We are able to work with our vendors to secure the best prices for Entertainment, Photography Videography, Florist, to the release of Doves, or the lofting of Good Luck Lanterns. You will be presented with a menu of elements. The “Coral Cove Wedding Team” is very accommodating when it comes to special requests.

7. Do you have a wedding planner on site, can they be reached by Email?

There is a dedicated wedding team at Coral Cove. You will have a wedding planner that you will be in direct contact with by either Email or phone, they are happy to call you at times convenient to you. Your wedding plans are logged in an Email thread that is updated each time there is correspondence by Email or phone. The log will take the form of your “Tropical Wedding Presentation” with detailed information reflecting any additional elements. You will be presented with your Tropical Wedding presentation which will be the anatomy of your “Coral Cove Tropical Wedding”. A great keepsake☺

8. What other services does your wedding planner provide, is there an additional fee?

There is not an additional fee for the wedding planner. She is there to answer any questions you may have, she will be the liaison with all vendors, as well as develop the timeline and coordinate everything from the spa appointments to ceremony music, seating, reception, cake cutting, toasts, etc.. There will be a meeting scheduled after your arrival and after you have had time to settle in. At this time you will go over the presentation as well as choose where you would like the ceremony and reception to take place. She will be there to assist you throughout the wedding day.

9. What time of day do weddings take place?

Most ceremonies are held approximately one and a half hours prior to sunset. The ceremony will last approximately 20 minutes. After the ceremony the natural lighting is great for your pictures and will be able to include dramatic sunset photos. While your photos are being taken your guests may mingle at a cocktail hour and enjoy the music. Following the photos the reception will begin. All taking place either on the beach or under the cover of our beautiful column fronted reception area and completed with torches lining the waterfront and a beach bonfire to cap your evening.

10. What is the cost of the reception?

The reception dinner is free for all guests staying at Coral Cove. For guests staying at other locations they would need to purchase a day pass that would cover the reception dinner, and open bar. The charge would be dependent on the wedding menu.

11. Can you arrange for day trips or tours for our guests?

We are happy to arrange for day trips & tours for your guests. We recommend that these arrangements be made after arrival as more often than not our guests find themselves in a very contented state and not necessarily wanting to leave Coral Cove. Arrangements can be made on short notice.

12. Can you arrange for gift bags for my guests?

We can arrange for gift bags to be placed in your guests rooms prior to arrival. You would give us a budget to work with and we would give you a list of gift items for you to choose from that we could include in the gift bags. Sometimes our couples will bring more personal mementos that they would like to use in a gift bag or as wedding favors. Your wedding planner would make sure they were placed according to your wishes.

13. Do you have internet access at Coral Cove?

We do have WIFI high speed internet access available at no charge to our guests.

14. What airport would we be flying into?

You would fly into Sangster International Airport Montego Bay, Jamaica. The airport is about an hour and a half from Coral Cove, the ride is a great introduction to the island and your driver is a great tour guide, happy to stop anytime along the way. Please contact us with any further questions you may have.