Coral Cove Beach Resort and Spa - Little Bay,, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Let Coral Cove Coordinate Your Wedding

Coral Cove's Personalized Wedding Options

Coral Cove’s "Tropical Wedding Package" includes everything you need to have a fantastic wedding.  However, as you begin making plans for the big day; you may want to include some elements and special touches that will add to the wonderful trail of lasting memories.

Coral Cove allows you to create your own dream wedding. We are offering some suggestions that will be fun for you and your guests!

Optional Reception Elements 

  • Chair and Chair Cover US$ 9 per set (a wide variety of sash colors available for selection)
  • Floral Tropical Centerpiece from US$35 per arrangement
  • Floral Arrangement for Arch from US$45 per arrangement
  • We have a US$200 reception area decoration fee that is optional and includes the following:
    • White table linen with skirting
    • string lights for outdoor setting
    • Palm Arches in reception area
    • In season petals on tables
    • Decorated Wedding Isle
    • Candle lit tables
    • torches lighting the night sky
    • Beach Bonfire
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Wedding Cakes

  • two-tier-lilie-cake
  • two-tier-cake
  • shells_wedding_cake1
  • seashell-cake
  • k-cake

Our cakes begin with a traditional Jamaican rum cake freshly prepared by one of our bakers which we offer as part of our Jamaican wedding package which serves 8-10 guests. More elaborate cakes such as seashell topped cakes, tropical decorated cakes, three and four tiered cakes, as well as simple, but elegant couples wedding cakes can be prepared for your wedding. The icing, flavor, decorations, and tier size can all be customized for you. Please advise us of your cake preferences.

Wedding Photography & Videography

  • wed2

Our photography options include prints, digital pics, as well as videography of your wedding in VHS and DVD format.

Wedding Entertainment

  • band

We can make arrangements for a reggae band on the beach, DJ’s, steel drum band, a mento band, saxophonist, among other options. One of the most popular entertainment ideas of a moonlight party on the beach is to have a reggae band to dance the night away! Please contact us with your ideas and we will help to make the wedding night a wonderful affair.

Unique and Customized Wedding Favors

We can package welcome gifts that will be placed in your guest rooms upon arrival. Some gift options include blue mountain coffee, Appleton rum, jamaican seasoning, jerk sauce, and rum cakes. We can put together the gift basket based on your budget and the wedding funds alloted to it.

  • Party favors for wedding guests: Should any of your guests forget their camera, disposable cameras can be purchased along with party favors such as sweet treats or small crafts.
  • Customized wedding dinner menus: We can customize a wedding dinner menu for the night of your wedding in our back office.
  • Ice Carvings: We have professional and experienced ice carvers that could carve a beautiful ice sculpture for your wedding. A drawing or picture will need to be provided.
  • Butterfly release: Each wedding party member will release a live butterfly upon your union.
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