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Wedding Ceremonies

Say your ‘I Dos’ in Tropical paradise!

Coral Cove Resort has several fantastic locations for your tropical wedding ceremony.

You can have a beachside setting with waves rushing up to shore or you can have your ceremony on a coral rock perched over the waters of the Caribbean.

With your personalized Coral Cove Ceremony you can add that special touch that will leave memories to last a lifetime.

Dove Release

Doves are devoted and dedicated to their mates for live. With a Dove Release you will be symbolizing a lifetime commitment to each other. Doves flying overhead at the end of your ‘I Dos’, is a symbolic ritual of a strong, pure, peaceful & chaste marriage.

Unity Candles

A symbol of unity is the most touching gesture of the marriage ceremony. This is a meaningful way to show the union of two families coming together as one.

Unity Sand

Like the Unity Candle, the Unity Sand represents abandoning 2 separate paths and coming together as one. Just as the grains of sand can never be separated and poured back again, so will your marriage be.

Ask our wedding planner about Personalizing your Wedding Ceremony

For our couples who would like to have a Catholic Ceremony, Coral Cove will be happy to work with you to have your Wedding Ceremony in Jamaica.

Religious Procedures for a Catholic wedding in Jamaica for Coral Cove couples

1. Since a wedding is a religious event, the wedding of a Roman Catholic takes place in the church building proper rather than in a hotel or other location. The reception and dinner can be arranged at Coral Cove after the ceremony.

2. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and therefore, the Catholic Church in Jamaica requires a period of serious premarital preparation which involves both parties.
a. at least three months before the planned date, the couple overseas must begin preparation with their own local priest.
b. the parish priest will send all documents and paper work to his own chancery office. The local chancery will then forward all these documents together with a testimonial letter at least ONE MONTH before the date of the wedding to the local Catholic Church in Jamaica.

The same documents are required in Jamaica, which would be required if the couple were to marry in their own home parish (certificates of birth and baptism, dispensations, statements of freedom to marry, decree of nullity, etc).A written statement regarding the extent and content of the premarital preparation is to be included by the local priest. Permission granted by their own parish and diocese for the couple to be married in Jamaica is also to be included.

Jamaican Government requires that all couples must apply for a Jamaican Minister’s License. It is necessary to apply three weeks before the date of the wedding. It is the responsibility of Coral Cove Resort to apply and obtain this license. This document preparation is provided in our wedding packages. Documents needed are a certified copy (not photocopy) of both parties’ birth certificates and for divorced persons a true copy (not photocopy) of the divorce decree. These documents are sent to the hotel and not to the church. Coral Cove Resort will notify you if other information is needed.

The couple is to contact the Catholic Church in Jamaica to arrange for the date and time of the wedding as well as to plan the wedding liturgy. The wedding date will not be confirmed until all documents are provided and accepted.

Coral Cove Resort will help assist in the preparation of your catholic wedding with the local church as well as provide you with all contact information. If you have further questions please contact us.

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