Coral Cove Beach Resort and Spa - Little Bay,, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Coral Cove Frequently Asked Questions

What about transportation?
The easiest, most economical way is to let us arrange for you to be met at the airport. The rate is $90.00 US for up to 4 persons one way; additional persons are $20.00 each. Car rental is available at the airport as are taxis. Remember, you drive on the left hand side of the road. Unless you are a frequent traveler to Jamaica it is generally best to leave the driving to a Jamaican.

How safe is it?
Jamaica has been voted several years running by Caribbean Life Magazine as “The Friendliest Island in the Caribbean. Little Bay has to be one of the safest, friendliest places in Jamaica.

What about money?
US dollars or traveler’s checks are good in most places. It is good to have a major credit card along for emergencies. Coral Cove highly recommends that you have some traveler checks or cash with you as we are in a secluded location and don’t have large sums of cash on hand. You will want to change some of your currency into Jamaican dollars at the airport or at a cambio for small purchases during your stay as well as pay your driver on arrival or departure.

Can childcare be arranged?
Childcare can be arranged hourly or daily at a reasonable rate, depending upon the age and number of children involved.

Are meals included?
Breakfast, Lunch, and your Candlelight Dinner are included in your rate. At Coral Cove we serve a very generous breakfast at about 9:00. For midday the menu varies however remains consistently good. Complimenting the daily fruit platter, you may have sandwiches, soups and salads along with a veggie or chicken pattie, possibly a Jamaican Seafood Pie. New items are added on a regular basis. We also encourage our guests to try some of the local fare. A walk or bike ride to “Uncle Sam’s Garden Park” for some fresh conch soup or fried chicken is highly recommended. Dining by candlelight, your evening entree’s will include fresh catch seafood, chicken, beef, or pork, prepared in a variety of ways by your expert Jamaican Chefs. All accompanied by fresh vegetable plates, salads, fruits and homemade breads.

Can you help with flights?
We can put you in contact with an agent that we use, whose business is primarily travel to Jamaica. Money can be saved on charter flights from many major airports.

Is there laundry service?
Laundry services are available at an additional cost.

What about tipping the staff?
Gratuity is already included with your reservation. However, feel free to leave more if the service so moves you.

Do the rooms have air-conditioning?
Currently, the Ackee Tree Cottage, Sailfish, Bonita, Tree Top Cottage, Queen Conch, Guango Room and Night Jasmine rooms have air-conditioning.

Do you have beachfront rooms or ocean views?
All of the rooms have an oceanview. However, the rooms in the Turtle Beach House are directly on the beachfront. The Coral Cove Villa rooms are adjacent to the beach.

Do you have safes?
Yes we have electronic safes available in every guest room.

Are kids allowed in the resort?
Yes, children are allowed at the resort. We do not have any age restrictions at this time.

What is your policy concerning smoking?
Smoking is allowed on the grounds of Coral Cove. However, smoking is not allowed in the rooms of Coral Cove.

What airport should we fly into?
You will most likely want to fly into the Montego Bay Airport (MBJ) which is also referred to as the “Sangster International Airport. We do not recommend flying in the Kingston airport due the distance from Coral Cove.

How long is the trip to Coral Cove?
The trip to Coral Cove is about 1 1/2 hours. It is a great introduction to Jamaica as you will be passing through the mountains and you should get a great feel for Jamaica.

Can we use traveler’s checks in Jamaica?
Coral Cove does accept traveler’s checks, and they are accepted in some tourist locations. However, traveler’s checks are not widely accepted accross the island and we encourage you to have enough cash on-hand during your stay to pay for incidentals such as tours,transportations, or dinners outside Coral Cove.

What credit cards does the resort accept?
We accept American express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

What is included in the room rate?
All meals, snacks, open bar, along with snorkeling gear (available at the front desk), bicycles (available for check-out at the front desk), and wireless internet access. Tours, transportation, and any special requests for items not provided by Coral Cove will attract an additional fee.

Does Coral Cove offer spa services?
Yes, we do offer spa packages and services. Please see our spa menu for available services.

Are there hairdryers in the rooms?
No, there are no hairdryer’s in any rooms. However, we do have them available through the front desk. Please ask someone, and they would be happy to get you one for your use during your stay.

Does Coral Cove have internet access?
Yes, we do have high-speed broadband internet available through a satellite link which will give you complimentary wirelesss internet access on the property. We are adding a small business center at Coral Cove which will allow you to conduct some essential business while on vacation such as copying, scanning, printing, and using a guest computer for your business needs. Fax access unavailable at this time. Phone calls can be made by either using your own mobile phone (activated for international calling) or you may rent a cell phone at the front desk along with purchasing phone cards.

What kind of drinks, alcohol are available?
Please see our menu selection.

What if we want beer or liquor not offered?
You have one of two options. You can either bring your own liquor or we we may be able to purchase a bottle or two for you for an additional fee. We will provide you with a rate, based on the request and availablity of the liquor on the island.

What is the time zone for Jamaica?
Jamaica is on Eastern Standard time 365 days a year. Jamaica doesn’t recognize daylight savings time. Therefore they never turn their clocks back. Therefore, from Sunday in October they are one hour behind EST, i.e., 9:00 a.m. in New York means 8:00 a.m. in Jamaica. The rest of the year Jamaica is on the same time as New York.

Does Coral Cove provide beach towels?
Yes, we do provide beach towels daily for guest use.

What about phone access?
Some cellular phone networks work for international calling such as cingular. However, other services do not work which include Verizon, and AT&T. These carriers may work in Montego Bay, but the only service that has worked in the past at Coral Cove has been Cingular. However, we do not recommend that you use your international carrier as the rates are far higher and will often charge a large connection fee. Coral Cove does offer cellular phone rentals at the front desk for a nonimal per day fee. We also provide phone cards for purchase. Phone calls to the U.S. cost approximately 30 cents per minute, local calls in Jamaica are about 12 cents per minute.

Is there a nude area for bathing?
There is a second beach on the western side of the property that is currently undeveloped that can be used for private nude bathing.

Are there ATM machines at Coral Cove?
There is not an ATM machine at Coral Cove, however, we would be happy to convert currency for you at the front desk. An ATM machine can be accessed at either Montego Bay or Negril.

Can we change money at Coral Cove?
Yes, we accept Euros, pounds sterling, U.S. dollars, and Jamaican dollars. We will be happy to convert your money at the days exchange rate. We will also be happy to change your bills into smaller denominations if the currency is available

What are the direct dial numbers for the resort?
Please call (876) 457 7594 for the resort in Jamaica or you can contact Steve in the US at (217) 649-0619.

Commercial banks maintain branches throughout the island: The hours are 9 A.M. – 2 P.M. on Mondays to Thursdays; 9 A.M. – 12 P.M. and 2:30 – 5 P.M. on Fridays. Exchange bureaus are open in Montego Bay and Kingston airports for all international flight arrivals and departures.

The trade winds and mountain breezes keep the temperature pleasant year round.

Packing light is the order of the day and casual is always appropriate. Depending on the length of stay, you may want to have shorts and t-shirts laundered for re-use. Light weight cotton pants and a long sleeve shirt will keep you very comfortable during a cool evening. Summer dresses are light in weight and pack easily. Sarongs are available at the craft market. Footwear should include tennis or walking shoes, sandals and water socks.

Telex, facsimile, cable, radio, television, and telephone are available. There are three daily newspapers, two morning and one evening. Communication at Coral Cove Resort is cellular phone service and calling cards are available. We we also have recently added high-speed wireless internet throughout the property. A computer is also available for your use.

Major credit cards are accepted in Jamaica.

Citizens of the United States of America and Canada do not require a visa to go to Jamaica as tourists, and are permitted to visit the island for a period not exceeding six months. Citizens, sixteen years and older of these countries may use the following documents for entry: valid passport (or passport which has expired for a period not exceeding one year), or an original birth certificate (with raised seal) along with a photo l.D. (documents must bare the same name). Residents may use an alien registration card, however some residents may require a visa. Press personnel on assignment will require a work permit. (Contact a JTB office near you). Additionally, all visitors are required to travel with a round trip or onward airline ticket for entry into Jamaica. U.K. Commonwealth citizens need passport (no visa required). All other countries, please contact the JTB office near you for requirements. Japan: Passport required. (Visa required for stay of over 30 days).

On Jan. 1st, 2007 U.S. residents will need a passport to leave and re-enter the United States due to changes in U.S. entry requirements. A raised seal birth certificate will no longer be valid for entry or departure from the U.S. so we encourage to apply for a passport at this time if you are planning on taking a vacation in early 2007!

No vaccinations required unless you have visited the following countries within the past six weeks: Gambia, Ghana, Sudan, Nigeria, Zaire, Burkina Faso, Trinidad & Tobago, Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, South America. (Please check with the Jamaican Consulate near you).

The official language of Jamaica is English, but the Jamaican “Patois” – a combination of several languages – is spoken throughout the island.

There are facilities in all major resort areas as well as drug stores that provide pharmaceuticals.

Crafts Market-wood, straw, beads, embroidery. Gold, silver, china, electronic equipment, rum, liqueur, perfumes, and Blue Mountain Coffee.

Due to a tax treaty between the United States and the Jamaican Government made in December, 1981, all expenses incurred for holding a meeting or convention in Jamaica are tax deductible.

Eastern Standard Time, Jamaica does not observe Daylight Savings Time.

All drinking water in Jamaica is purified and filtered by the most modern methods. A nearby water bottling plant supplies the bottled water and ice for Coral Cove.