Coral Cove Beach Resort and Spa - Little Bay,, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Amenities at Coral Cove

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A-men-i-ty [uh-men-i-tee]

  • The quality of being pleasant or attractive, agreeableness
  • Something that contributes to physical or material comfort
  • A feature that increases attractiveness or value especially a piece of real estate or geographic location
  • Amenities – Social courtesies

Coral Cove‘s over the top friendly staff that sees to your needs. Ask for anything, if they can they will. If they can’t they will have tried.

  • Waking up to a cup of the worlds best Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, enjoying the sunrise at the oceans edge.
  • A shaded hammock or a beach lounge with a good book and a refreshment from the bar, selection of books available.
  • Manicured tropical gardens and the most incredible ocean views best of both coastal worlds beach and cliff situated on the protected coral reef.
  • Massage & Spa services by appointment.
  • Two Bars: the “Turtle Beach Bar” and the Crownstone Room” on the cliff, both conveniently located for your refreshments and adult beverages.
  • I-pod docks/radios in the rooms.
  • Refrigerators in rooms.
  • Television in the lounge area for the games.
  • AC in rooms denoted, other rooms are cooled by the ocean breeze through the large window walled cedar louvers along with ceiling and floor fans.
  • Cellular phones for rent with very affordable international credit for those that have a need to be in constant contact. otherwise just ask at the front desk to borrow the phone to make a call home.
  • Wireless high speed internet for those that need to stay connected.
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