Coral Cove Beach Resort and Spa - Little Bay,, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Treasure Beach

Location: St. Elizabeth

Distance: 3 hours from Coral Cove depending traffic status.

US$ 200 (1-4 persons) Round-Trip

Treasure Beach is located within the parish of St. Elizabeth, known island-wide for having the friendliest and hardest working people found anywhere in Jamaica. The sign welcoming visitors to the parish states, “In this parish we work, not shirk”. This well-deserved reputation derives from a work ethic instilled in generations of farmers and fishermen and is one more way in which Treasure Beach is set apart from the rest of the island.

Places to Eat and Play:
Treasure Beach has various beach cafes, road-side stands, and one or two more upscale, but far from formal, restaurants. What we don’t have are exclusive, ‘guest-only’ restaurants. Everyone is welcome everywhere.

Enjoy local dishes of pumpkin soup, ackee and salt fish, jerk chicken and pork, or even curried goat. And don’t forget the incredible fresh lobster*, fish, crab, conch*, and sea puss (octopus) which our fishermen provide daily. In fact, you can watch them unload their catch on the beach and choose your dinner right there.

After you’ve sampled the local menu and are missing a taste of home, you can find a few places which offer hamburgers, fried chicken, and pizza.