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Roaring River- Trip to Sav La Mar

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Location: Petersfield Westmoreland
Distance: 40 Minutes from Coral Cove (depending on traffic)
US$80 for 2 persons round-trip (extra persons will attract an additional USD$25)An easy escape about 5 miles north of Savanna-La-Mar (which means “Land by the Sea”) is the gorgeous Roaring River Park. Set in a former plantation and is still surrounded by cane fields; a dazzling blue mineral pool and extensive caves have been developed with tourists in mind. It is all very pretty – Water cress grows wild along banks planted with palms and crotons and forested hillside rises up unbroken. Step up to the mouth, concrete walk-ways and lighting let you appreciate the full magnitude of the caverns, which range from broom cupboard to auditorium in size. There are two mineral pools for a disquieting swim in pitch blackness. The water is said to rejuvenate.
OPENING HOURS: Daily 9:00 a.m. to 5:oo p.m.
RATES: USD$10 (or equivalent to JA$)

*Rates are subject to change without notice.