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Mayfield Falls

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Location: Located in the Dolphin Head Mountains in Glenbrook.
Distance: 40 minutes from Coral Cove (depending on traffic)
US$120 Round-trip for 2 persons.
Spend a whole day in the mountains and see the lovely waterfalls, hike up the river with over twenty natural swimming pools and jacuzzi’s to pamper you. Mayfield falls offer 21 natural pools and 2 crystal waterfalls. It is said to be the home of 52 different varieties fern and different species of birds, this is truly a nature lover’s paradise !
You will be escorted by a fully qualified and certified tour guide as you discover and explore one of Jamaica’s best kept secrets – MAYFILED FALLS. The peaceful surroundings and tranquil “vibes” make Mayfield Falls the perfect place for meditation, spiritual healing, and to commune with nature.
Beautiful campsites are available, as well as hammocks, a picnic area with huts, volleyball, cricket, and the kids’ favorite; the MAYFIELD FALLS petting zoo – featuring geese, ducks, and bunnies.
On Wednesday and Friday Mayfield Falls comes alive with traditional songs and dance, performed by staff and community groups.
Entry Fee:USD$ 12 per person.
“The Best things are hidden in the Mountains …”