Coral Cove Beach Resort and Spa - Little Bay,, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Canopy Tour

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Reservation must be made at least one day in advance
Location: West of Montego-Bay

Distance: 1 1/2 hours from Coral Cove

USD$120 Round-trip for 1 – 4 persons

This unique tour consist of a series of decks and platforms mounted in the trees of the forest and last for 3 hours. Your Canopy Tour Guide will assist you in using the high-angle equipment and techniques to move from platform to platfom. This is the first original Canopy Tour operation in Jamaica and is built using a new patent pending safety traverse system designed by DARREN HRENIUK, Investor of the concept originally developed in Costa Rica in the early 1990′s. The tour begings with a short walk to a crossing of the Great River that separates the parishes St. James and Hanover, guests receive safety and demonstration of the techniques used throughout the adventure. You are then attached to the first traverse and depart under the roots of an immense strangle fig tree for a three hundred foot flight across the lagoon; this is just the start of numerous border crossings.

After the first traverse, participants will take a brisk 10 minutes walk up to the diving board where the traversing and adventure continues with eight additional traverses, coupled with the intermittent nature walk. Each traverse and platform is unique with colorful names such as begins “Limestone Cliff and Three in one Fig” and the highlight of the tour, the “Inter-Parish Express” (1000ft long). Guests will be given a vierity of experiences high-lighting the diversity of Jamaica’s landscape and histort. Hear and see Great River and a 150 year old dam. This amazing experience of gliding silently through a tunnel of trees is the closet guests will ever feel to being a jungle bird.

Daily Rates: USD$88 per person

Age Limit: 10 years and older